The Vision that inspires us: Feeding your passion for fish
With our Vision we want to express the responsibility that UNO takes in a process that leads to a consumer enjoying a nutritious, safe and tasty meal. Our feed is important: it enables fish farmers to produce sustainable, healthy and delicious food. The Vision is designed to inspire us in our daily work. Everything we do is motivated by our goal of contributing to the fantastic final product. We are sincerely dedicated to producing high quality feeds that enables fish farmers to produce healthy and delicious fish. That’s our passion!  
The Mission that guides us:
UNO delivers outstanding nutrition and services to fish farmers nationwide for the sustainable production of healthy and delicious fish

UNO supply high quality fish feed. In order to be able to secure this, the company is making heavy demands on its suppliers of raw materials and is currently working on optimizing the feed types. To ensure a continued improvement of the quality the company has its own Research Centre for testing of new raw materials and further development of feed.


The Values we live byOpen