Welcome to UNO, the first commercial producer of progressive and innovative feeds for different species of fish. So far, our main markets have been in Indian fresh water fish like Rohu, Katla, Mrigal and Pungasius. The world is changing, however, and we are changing with it. Our product developers constantly explore new species, new feeding techniques, new health, welfare and environmental demands, consistently coming back with exciting solutions. Looking to the future, we see a growing world population set against a declining supply of wild caught fish. The invitation for farmers to fill the void could not be stronger. The scope for new species is immense. As UNO united and charged with renewed vision - we believe we have a massive contribution to make to the future of our industry, helping producers in all parts of the Country to achieve exciting new levels of output, efficiency and profitability. Floating fish feeds are gradually becoming popular for commercial use in India. As this technology for fish industry is relatively new in India, fish farmers must understand and advocate correct principles of using floating fish feeds to achieve desired results.