We have always been a pioneering and visionary group of companies. Now, as UNO, we believe we are ideally placed to take the next innovative step in satisfying the ever-developing needs of fish farmers and the first to fully understand the need for constant and significant levels of investment in fish feed research and development.

Drawing strength from the impressive achievements of our past, we will continue to use our network of diverse locations to serve our new united purpose, seeking to meet the challenge of the future with a product range of increasing feed-to-food value.

UNO FEEDS is a company specializing, uniquely and exclusively, in fish feed . Our experience in this sector is backed up by the quality of our products, which guarantees our customers the maximum optimisation of their production. 

UNO diversifies and multiplies our resources and knowledge in the search for better nutritional solutions for our customers.

UNO is a leader in each nutritional area whose endeavours take place in a setting of highly ethical and environmental responsibility, combining products with services that generate value for our fish farmers in general, the society in which we live.